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Wall Art

These pictures were taken at my happiest times, during travels and celebrations. They have amazing energy and I can charge them with Reiki energy per your request.


Shipping might be included in the price. Price is subject to change.

Different sizes and paper options are available for prints.


Please click to see the whole picture.

Text here to confirm details.

Thank you!

Sizes and options available

Photo prints

Paper - Lustre, gloss, deep matte

Velvet Watercolor paper


Everything standart between 4x6 to 30x40

Canvas Gallery Wraps

I work with 3 different labs so quality and price will vary a lot

Sizes 8x10 to 30x40 and everything in between, including square.

What size do you prefer?

Let's talk! Send me a text/ whatsApp here!

I'm happy to help!

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