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How to look better and what to wear for photo session?

It's one of the best questions clients may ask a photographer! And here l'd like to share with you some tips how to look even better on images!

#1 Wear the clothes of solid colors!

If you wear the clothes with flowers/patterns then looking on images your eyes will stick to your clothes but it's not what your photo shoot is about! And when you wear something in simple, solid colors your eyes will go to your/ your kids or other family members faces, eyes and smiles! That's what we need, right?

You can wear matching outfits if you like the idea or just something in similar or almost similar colors like jeans of same colors and some tops. Or you can see what the background of pictures will look like and wear what will fit better to it like light beige clothes for brown/ dark brown background etc

#2 Have your hair and Make up Done!

It will change your look so much! I definitely mean here all woman but sometimes it's good to apply a bit of cosmetics to man too! With proper foundation, powder and blush your face will look much younger, fresh and beautiful!

I do make up for maternity sessions very often, feel free to ask about if you want me to help you!

#3 Don't drink a lot of water the night before the session!

It will also help to have more fresh look in the morning!

#4 Sleep well and long and just enjoy the session!

Photo shoot is about having fun, about relaxing and enjoying your time, your family and photographer!

It always goes in positive atmosphere with a lot of laugh and you'll see beautiful pictures on the camera and love them at the moment you see them!

You can watch my videos to learn more details about newborn photo session here or maternity session here!

Book your time today on :)

Done with love!

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