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Best baby photography

Do you have a baby?

Yes or no, I'm sure the images in this post will make

you smile and feel a little bit better!

I'm Inna and I specialize in children and family portraiture and most of my time I work with newborns. It's not the topic here so I'll only say that newborn shoot is about 3 hours long, 2 and a half if we are lucky! And I love working with babies of all ages, but what can be cuter the session for the sitter? Newborn baby is sooo tiny! Sitter is bigger! Bigger cheeks, bigger rolls on the hands :) And baby can sit for about 15-20 min only, so it's a great challenge and I love it! We have to move fast and this sessions are sooo much fun!!!

Working for 10 years since 2008,

I even have a special trick to make smile and laugh any baby!!! :)

And I love the shopping for all this outfits!

Let me know if you like the props!!!

Here I'll put some pictures and later - more words!!!

She is conducting a choir here, can you see that???

When I was studying in musical college

I really have seen people do that!!! :)

What's best time for pictures?

As a parent I'm sure, you do tons of images of your baby every day! Mostly by the phone and some even with the camera. But let's talk here of why is it really important to do the session?

Time flies, you see that your baby is more beautiful and bigger every day and if you don't come to any of the sessions during first year of baby's life, then baby will ran away as they often do after 12 month and it'll be really challenging to do any pictures at all!

Don't miss this perfect time!!! I'll put here few

best time spots to create this cute images!

1- newborn! Better done when baby is under 10 days so baby sleeps better and we can use some props with no crying!

2- 3-4 month - baby hold the head, can smile

and cheeks are getting bigger!!! :)

3- 6-8 months, the sitter session! This one is my favorite!!! The cutest age for pictures!!! And very soon we'll be able to do outdoor sessions!

4 - 10-11 months - images for first birthday and / or smash cake session! Better done at this age so you'll have images

ready for the birthday party!!!

And sure, parents are welcome to be

on images with kids on every session!!!

We provide props for all this sessions!

and book your session here today!!! Thank you!!!

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