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How can she be so cute?

My heart is singing every time I arrive to newborn photo session! I book only about 5-6 newborn sessions per month to guarantee that I'm available when time comes and so I don't shoot them every day but I believe I should!

Mom of this beautiful girl has so great sense of style and I like every color she picked, don't you?

For girls I have a lot of props in pink colors and ones that have flowers but look how cute this girls look at this background being surrounded by bears! Some might think that it's more of boys style but I think she looks just fantastic sleeping peacefully in this basket!


During newborn session we create baby portraits and it usually takes about 2 hours to do as we need to feed the baby, sometimes we do that few times, to change diapers and props and after baby portraits we do the pictures with the whole family as it's beyond important to have family memories!

Imagine that you will be looking at this pictures in 5, 10, 50 years and you will remember how happy you were but what if you are not in the pictures? I do really think it'll make you feel sad! So to avoid this part we simply include parents to each newborn session and then if mommy wants to feel and look even more beautiful on images we always can use Photoshop for this and you know, it's a real magic! I remember not feeling as beautiful in 2-3 weeks after having a baby but I remember being beyond happy I have my son with me!

If you have grandparents in town they are very welcome to be on images as well! We can always do few generations in one shot and it always look beautiful!

Some people ask not to show parents pictures, that's why I mostly show you only newborn portraits and I like to keep names (even though I looove those names!) to myself! But newborns are so beautiful that I feel it's enough even to share just baby portraits with you!

You can see more of my works here and book your session today! Now we have 2 spots left for November, 2 for December and 3 for January! Booking now Nov- March 2019!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us here today and we'll be happy to help!

Thank you!

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