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Baby girl is here or Newborn photo shoot for the cutest princess!

Sometimes it's really hard to use words cause as a newborn photographer who is posting a blog I always thought that pictures will do the whole work by themselves but now I discovered that blog is a great way for me to communicate! With parents, with potential clients, with friends, with you! I really appreciate that you put your time into reading about my day, my work and my experience! Since we moved to USA in 2014 I set a goal for myself to become a baby, newborn photographer and every day now I'm beyond happy with that decision! Doing this sessions few times each week, sometimes I wonder how is it that I never get tired or bored on my work! As you know a famous phrase, "Follow a passion and you'll never have to work in your life" - that's exactly what happened to me!

I love starting the whole booking process with the phone call as now doing that I feel that I know so much more about parents who I go to for the session, we have a great connection and it's so much easier for me and parents during the session!!! With mom of this adorable newborn girl we felt connected immediately! It was clear that we both will enjoy the session a lot and of course we did! When we've met, when I just came in their home for the session I already felt like a good friend and of course we had a blast during the shooting! Baby was super collaborative - as all of them with me, when babies are under 10 days, exact age when I book newborn babies in my schedule when parents contact me during the pregnancy, about 2-3 month ahead of the session!

I love this clean style and natural colors and this photo

appeared to be Mom's favorite! :)

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and let's talk!

Thank you for reading and for being here! Enjoy your day (or night)!

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