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Beautiful baby boy on his first photo session

First of all I want to wish you Happy new year!!! Let it be healthy one, full of love and joy and I hope it’ll be better for you than 2018 was! I’m looking forward to work with newborn babies this year as it’s really my dream job! I don’t feel like I’m working, I literally feel that I’m just playing with babies and enjoying every second of being around your precious tiny human while creating beautiful memories that you will cherish your whole life!

One of the recent sessions I have done was the photo shoot with super cute baby boy!!! I do not have enough words to describe how great this session was! He was so fully awake in the beginning and he is so special baby boy!!! Just look at him!!!

Have you ever noticed how different all of babies are? This aspect is one of my favorite reason of why I love to work with kids! One baby will love to put his hands under the face creating an Angel look, another one will be smiling the whole session, the third one will just almost turn himself into a belly position while it's something totally not comfortable for another baby! And their face expressions are different all the time as well! There's so much fun and joy to just being around this cute tiny human beings!

Family pictures during this photo shoot turned out really great! Not only a baby was such a great model but look at his gorgeous parents!!! For me it is really hard sometimes to say about baby's look if he looks like his mother of father and with other babies it is really easy to say! But anthropologically it is more common for babies to look like fathers, did you know that? His father says that baby got his beautiful eyes from mommy but I think he has something in his look from dad as well!

We are proudly serving newborn clients for almost 5 years now! Check our more of our works here by this link! Let us know if you have any question or would like to book your time clicking here and we'll be happy to provide all of the information and set up your appointment! We realize that actual due day often is not an actual birthday for a baby so we put you to the schedule for a long time to make sure that you have a secured spot whenever baby arrives!

Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

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