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Adorable birthday boy on his smash cake session

It was absolutely incredible shoot! I could never believe that baby who has never tried a cake would love it so much! As a photographer and as a mom I started to realize that first - baby may not like what's new, second - if the cake is cold it won't be a good idea! So I provide some tips for parents on how to make smash cake photo shoot a success but this little guy was so good that we didn't even need those tips!

For smash cake session there's a few options on how the session can go. Sometimes parents want only plain, with no cake, photo shoot as the first birthday session and we can do that and we offer a studio set up with different backgrounds and outfits. Session with Inna Fay photography is the custom experience so you can be sure that it will reflect your needs and wishes! The most common option for first birthday plus smash cake session is to combine them and do some images with cute background in 2 different outfits and then to use smash cake set up and bring the cake. That's how we did it each time as well and I really love how it turned out!

First birthday is a big deal and of course we want to have the whole family on the pictures! I love this portrait of the birthday boy with his beautiful mom!

"Look what I've got" - his eyes are saying to us

and it really made us laugh!

So this guy tried the cake for the very first time in his life and really loved it!!! He was not looking at his fingers, he just put them to the mouth as babies always do and immediately realized that that was the best thing to do! So he was just sitting down there and enjoying the whole process! He never showed any signs of tiredness and parents just wanted to stop and prevent him eating too much of sugar! I think he was not upset at all, he was just so happy that we let him eat this yummy cake and was really grateful for this!

Right after the shooting time, cleaning the baby and a bit of the room, we sit down and choose your images together and this process is as amazing as the process of creating them! You can see the gallery with children photography here,

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Thank you for reading!

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