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Sweet baby girl on her newborn photo session

I absolutely can not believe that I have never posted a blog about this beautiful and very young lady! She is the sweetest baby girl that you can find not only in my blog but in New York City as well as in the whole America and I am being very serious about that! How can I prove it? I will tell you! Just look at this pictures and you will get totally on the same page with me!!!

Her newborn session was smooth and I felt that I knew her parents my whole life. I really love when I have this feelings when I meet new people as it means that we are very open and sincere and what's more important in this world than this?

I love all of her portraits! Just look at this one!!!

Pictures with little friend always come out nicely!

And if you like peach colors, flowers, wood and baskets - you'll love this one! Am I correct?

I have a very special camera to shoot close up portraits and sweet baby details like toes, fingers, noes and lips.

Our studio also offers props in different colors. You can always tell what color you like and we'll bring a big variety of headpieces and swaddles or even buy something new and unique right for you! Studio comes to your home to make session a very comfortable and nice experience and our clients find it easier to just take a shower, it breakfast and open the door for the photographer then to travel to some place with the newborn baby. But it's totally up to you and you're welcome to come to us as well, we're conveniently located in Fort Lee NJ so it's really close to New York City as well as different towns in Bergen County NJ!

This flower basket is the most popular item new moms want to have within their pictures! It's easier to bring than it might seem at the first sight!

Do you have any questions?

Let's be in touch! Thank you!

*Inna Fay photography is an award winning photographer who serves New Jersey in and around Bergen County, Manhattan and some parts of Long Island NY. Inna has over 10 years of experience in photography and specialize in newborn portraiture for the last four and a half years working mostly on newborn, maternity sessions and shoots for babies after 3 mo.

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