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She stole my heart

Not sure if it's the correct way to describe it or if there's any correct way but I really love this adorable little girl, all of her face expressions, her poses, her pictures and memories she and her family will have from her first birthday photo shoot!!! She was fantastic model for the whole time, handled 5 or 6 dresses changings and I honestly don't know if there're more of such patient kids on this planet! Of course babies at 11 month are not toddlers yet so it always easier to work with them than with toddlers but she did it in such an awesome way! You will see it all on the pictures!!!

Let's start from the cutest one!

This is my most favorite picture! Love her on this photo!!!

I also love this Spring-ish set up, this blue colors. Usually moms of girls like pink colors and of course I have tons of props in pink and peach but this blue one gives us a fresh feeling I think and works especially great for babies with blue eyes!

And here peach comes! Love this dress!

Peach color fits to all skin tones. It shows how tender white kids are, it's more contrast with all darker skin tones and make them look shiny and beautiful! Really my favorite color for all girls!

I was beyond happy to have such a wonderful model! Look at this pose she did! :)

I know some special tips on how to make baby laugh! Love happy eyes and smiles!!!!

Happy eyes :)

Baby is always happy to play with Mommy!

This type of shoots we offer for babies from 6 mo or even better for babies who can sit by her own! It makes huge different for the portraits and all images! Look how cute she is!!!

It's so funny to take pictures of babies in bonnets! She tried to understand what's that on her head and how to turn the head with it. Bonnets are hand-made by special orders, they are light and safe for kids and give us this awesome flowerish look! Do you like this type of hats or prefer to have something more simple, like a headband instead?

I have done also a smash cake photo session for this little girl, you are welcome to see her smash cake part here in this blog post!

Blog post about mash cake for a boy - here.

Check out my gallery about baby photography here

Shoot us email here if you'd like to talk or book your time!

Best wishes!

Thank you for reading!!!

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