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Styled newborn photo shoot in New York

Are you ready to see the most stylish newborn images? Mom got super creative for this session! She got not only very cut but stylish and fashion clothes and props for the baby and when I came in she told me that she know exactly what pictures she wants to get as the result of the session! She helped a lot with feeding the baby a lot during this session to help baby sleep and maintain a nice poses! We had so much fun during this shoot and I felt that we're totally on same page with mommy and I tell you, that was an amazing feeling to have and it is usually what happens on the sessions! Being a mommy myself helps me a lot to understand better not only babies and how they feel and what they want but also moms and their emotions and point of view and I love this part of my work! So mom got amazing outfits and I no longer want to wait to show you the result we've got from this session! This baby girl is so perfect model! I'm sure if she or her mom want to do modelling career it'll be a way to go!

I'm so in love with this close up portrait!!! It's such a great pleasure to work with beautiful babies! Her eyelashes, lips and lines of her brows look just perfect, she is truly a model!

This session was a mini session format and we always wonder if there's enough time to get nice portraits but usually it all go well! We didn't have father or siblings participating in this session so we focused on baby and created a lot of beautiful close up as well as full body portraits!

I wonder what do you personally prefer, black and white or colorful images, especially for this cute photo? Feel free to let me know in the comments, it'll be great to have your feedback!

Feel free to like and share this post and tell about us to your friends! Inna is fully vaccinated, certified member of Professional photographers of America and offer

200% satisfaction guarantee!

You will love every photo!

Now booking June 15- November 2018!

Please check out my newborn photography portfolio here

and book your session today via

(preferably) calling 9176188226

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