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Tips about children photography!

It's a Spring break season so I decided to share with you some tips on how to make better pictures of your kids when you travel somewhere (or not).

1. First of all, love your kids, not camera! Let them be, let them play and enjoy their emotions and happiness. I love candid pictures so much more than posing ones! They can tell a story and show us what was really happening at that moment!

2. Second great idea is to position your camera or your phone, to the kid face level. You should be on the same level as your kid so he'll appear normal size, not that small on images! When we take photo from higher point object will always appear to be smaller and same work visa versa when you take photo from lower position object will look bigger and taller.

3. Allow more space around your object in the frame, your kid should look like he has some extra space and can breathe not like he's bigger than the photo.

4. Try to avoid shadows on the face. Shadow is always about shape so to make person look better the light should be soft. Sometimes it's good when the sun is behind if you see enough light in the face. Otherwise try to find the spot in the light shadow place, not under the sun.

5. Make the focus on the eyes, especially on the eye which is closer to the camera. That's really nice to see images with good focus,right?

6. Clean the lens. Even if you are taking pictures with your phone and just put it out of your pocket make sure that your camera is clean.

7. Use the app for editing images! Photoshop or any other app. Just add the contrast, light and saturation and you'll instantly see the difference!

Practice more and I'm sure you'll love the results more and more!

Check out family pictures here and cute babies 3-12 months here!

Found this info helpful? Share with your friends! Thank you!

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