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Newborn photography in NYC and NJ

Working as a professional photographer for past 10 years and working with newborn babies for last 4 of them, I must admit, it's the best work I could imagine for myself! I love all of it from the very beginning to the very end - shopping for this cute props and outfits, preparing for the session and making it custom for each mom and baby, travelling to NYC and in NJ and holding this cute little babies in my arms, listening to this sounds and capturing

this sweetest moments and memories!!! The delivering of images and especially of photo books is a real happiness for me and my clients!!!

This particular session was one of my favorite! We had such a great connection with Mommy from the very beginning that I totally couldn't wait to meet the baby and mommy! Baby didn't sleep perfectly in the beginning and this challenge makes the session even more exciting and interesting as we get so curious of how it will end! And it usually works out really great when baby is under ten days old! This is time when I suggest to do newborn photo shoots as babies sleep better and they are easier to be put to sleep or how we say it sometimes, to put into milk coma lol :) It's easier to do this very newborn-ish poses too! Take a look at this images!!!

I just loooove how babies yawn!!!!

Everything they do is really sincere and psychologists say that before 7 years old they just express their feelings and can't think of manipulation of parents! With toddler age it's something that hard to believe but with this little babies we just always want to help them, to feed and make comfortable at first sign, right? :)

For the session it's great if you have some windows in the bedroom, natural light is the best helper to create this amazing memories and if you don't, I bring special baby studio light which is designed specifically and is safe for babies. We provide props for all this sessions! For boys it's outfits, wraps and hats and for girls there's some more as tutu skirts, swaddles, headbands in different styles and colors. Some moms prefer to do it in the most simple and natural style and colors and someone prefers something more bright. I love it all and love doing shopping

thinking that maybe some day, some mom

will love it!Please check more of my work with

your session here today by email or

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!!!

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