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Newborn baby boy at his first photo shot

I remember this session in New York so well, even though is has been a while since I did it! This little boy was such a great model and his parent were amazing during the session! At that time I used to give online galleries and now I changed the business model so I sit down with my dear clients right after the shooting time and help to choose best images from the session. I know that it's really great to have professional help nearby choosing images and it was very nice to hear from my repeated clients that it really helps a lot and they like this new experience! We're so happy during the session! Babies are always really sweet, even if they do some cranky faces I used to turn this expressions into very cute portraits that melt parents hearts! And then we're beyond excited to see images immediately!

Look how beautiful portraits of this little man turned out!

Most of parents in NYC love natural colors for props and I think it looks amazing on baby's skin! This long hat makes him look like a gnome or elf, it's so cute!

And of course all of us love our friends! That's how I call this little bears! They always make images more cute and cozy and on first one I just love the face expression!!!

Gray is always a hit and after natural colors it's the fist choice for boys! Also fur makes babies look so nice and knitted texture makes nice contrast to baby's tender skin! What not to love, right?

I love how cute he is here, dreaming about something so great and sweet! We usually say that babies dream about a milk :)

And I love this hat a lot!

I do recommend to all moms to book the session ahead of time to secure the spot in the calendar and to do the session when baby is under 10 days so they sleep better and it's easier to put them to sleep as when they don't sleep they would turn the head to the sides all the time and put the props off and I'm so surprised each time how strong the babies are!!! When I don't shoot newborns for few days, I start to miss them! :)

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