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Newborn photography for 1 month old girl

It's very unusual post for me! As you may know, all newborn photographers prefer to do newborn session when baby is under 10-12 days but when I got request from this beautiful mommy with 1 month old baby, how could I say No? I do newborn sessions for one month old babies but never can promise that they will sleep. I said the same for this session but when I started to shoot, in about 15 minutes I realized that if we feed the baby, she will be just beautifully sleeping and we did it! But while she was awake I could capture so beautiful portraits! Babies after 2 weeks always have amazing eyes, in more definite shape so even if they're awake, they're the best! Take a look at this beautiful close ups!

And then we put her to sleep and so I was able to change headpieces and do some more beautiful images!

The most popular colors for girls newborn photo session are natural, light beige, white and tender pink - baby pink, dusty pink colors. They look great with all skin tones and show the best of baby girls personality. So for this session we used this colors as well.

Family images turned out super cute as well! I'm so happy to see that parents are ready to give all their love to tiny humans!!! I love incorporate family pictures into each newborn session and when mommy kisses the baby and daddy kisses the baby, we call it First kiss photography, isn't it the sweetest name for such thing? I love how surprised mom looks here, expressing her true emotions and maybe saying with her eyes something like "Wow! Isn't it a Miracle I'm holding in my own arms right now! Look how beautiful my baby girl is and how happy I am to be her Mom!!!"

I can go on and on about newborn sessions! Each time moms book with me, I feel so happy as I know that this family, my next clients, will have so important memories that they will cherish the whole life! Some people do compare newborn photography with weddings and I say that newborns are far more important as you can do a make up and even wear a dress in 1 or 5 years and baby will never look the same again, even in 1 week they're all so different already! And the love that you feel and celebrate on your wedding is 200 or 1000 or even 1000000 % stronger that what you felt on the wedding day holding arms of your truly beloved husband or wife! And this love is what makes you a real family, makes you happy together and what can be better than to celebrate it with the newborn photo shoot, especially when it's done right in your home and you can relax and really enjoy the whole process!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask,

Book your session today! Thank you!

Inna Fay photography!

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